Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Meet the Staff Part 1

As promised I will be introducing The Owners of SLBM and Key Staff this week as I get the info from each Member. Lets start with the Boss Man
Dark Lichlore:

As a savvy business man with a dominant personality Mr Dark is the CEO and Editor in Chief for SLBM. He helped run and manage a successful photography company in SL , Simple Pleasures Studio, along side his RL&SL wife and submissive Luvi. He has been in the BDSM and D/S Life style for over 6 years and is a Bondage enthusiast as well as educator.  Do not let the name fool you though, he is full of wit, charm and humor.In his free time he likes to collect all kinds of panties from unsuspecting "innocent" females. 

Luvi Unplugged-Lichlore :
Luvi is the sweet, adorable, sensual wife and submissive of Mr Dark. Great business women and founder/CEO of Simple Pleasures Studio. She is SLBM's head photographer and Co-owner. She has been in the BDSM & D/S life style for over 6 years and firmly believes that no one can know everything, but you can try and learn as much as possible in this lifetime. She also is a fellow Bondage enthusiast and educator. 

Trina is the genius behind the Serenity Lost CARP sim and extremely talented scripter/builder, along with being smart mouthed and witty.  She originally found SLBM up for sale and thought it would be a good investment , with loads of potential and did not let opportunity pass by. Her business sense speaks for itself running Serenity successfully!  In her off time she is a RPer and an avid bondage enthusiast, but be careful she will give you a run for your money!  

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