Friday, July 29, 2016

Welcome Punky

I know i have been slacking with posting , things have been hectic around here! 
The next issue of SLBM is coming soon!
In the mean time i have a little treat for you, i have enlisted 3 new models for SLBM and let me tell you they are delectable, i mean finger licking smexy.
Let me introduce you to one of them and she happens to be one of my personal friends.
Punky is a submissive like me a Babygirl and having her join SLBM is an honor ! 

So enjoy and remember, the next Issue will be out soon and the theme is Fetishes !

Love CuppyCakes 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Staff pt2

I know i promised you all to have this to you a couple weeks ago , but RL and other circumstances prevented that, I WILL make up for it i promise.

OK lets start :

Let me introduce our Customer service Girly Rae Langly Whitesong

 Not only does she provide you all with outstanding Customer Service but also moderates the group chat and models for us !
In her Non -SLBM seconld life she is partnered, an Second life Professional Wreslter working for Digital Championship Wrestling Federation ((DCWF), a wrestling trainer at Furry Wrestling Federation ((FWF)), and co runner/designer of The New and Improved M&R Fetish Estate.

Next we have April Winters one of our trusted photographers and writers !
Sorry Girly i took this off your Deviant art account :P
She is also the creator of April's Adventures, an SLBM Publication following her life in SL as a snoopy reporter who always seems to get in over her head.
She is usually very busy with her limited time in SL either working on photos or stories for SLBM or her DeviantArt page, but she does love to roleplay.
Though a little shy at times,she is very friendly and approachable.  She looks forward to future endeavors at SLBM  with her fellow colleagues and kinksters.

CuppyCakes aka Me aka Webslut( thats what Luvi calls me)

I am your go to girl for anything Web related, I am also to girl who reads the emails along with Mr Dark.
I joined SLBM before Dark, Luvi and Trina took over, looking to build up my portfolio while doing something i like. My SL consists of blogging for different creators, anything from Sims to apparel to Deco and in between running my store and brand ^^Cheeky Amour^^ SLBM for me is something i am passionate about because i believe that Bondage is an art and can be displayed that way. RL i am a submissve but have been out of the lifestyle for 10 years. Oh yea i model for SLBM when time permits !