Frequently Asked Questions...

     We get some of the same questions over and over again, so we thought we'd put a helpful little bit here to help answer those.

     Q.  What is SLBM?

      A.  SLBM, SL Bondage Models, is a modeling agency/publication.  We put out a quarterly magazine that includes pictorals of our lovely models, educational articles, interviews with designers, spotlights on artists and sims, and informational pieces on various subjects.

      Q.  How do I go about becoming a model?

      A.  Simply stop by our main offices in-world and grab an application.  You can turn it back in in the drop box below the application giver.

     Q.  Do I have to be in the group to model for you?

     A.  We have an SLBM Models and Casting group that we will add you to when we review your application.  This is the group where we will do our casting calls for projects and issues that we will be putting out.  This is also the group that some of our fellow photographers can use to obtain models for their projects as well.  We ask that you have notices and group chat available so that you can receive the notices and talk in chat.

     Q.  Do I have to be exclusive to this modeling agency?

     A.  Not at all!  We encourage our models to model for whomever they like.  Should you encounter a problem that arises through our group, we do ask that you let us know.  We want to keep our models happy and safe above all else.  We've worked hard for our reputation of professionalism and do everything in our power to maintain it.

     Q.  So I put my application in, let's shoot my shoot!

     A.  No, sorry things don't work that way.  We schedule our shoots and do our best to work around what works best for out models.  We don't simply just park and shoot.  We don't do shoots at the drop of a hat.

     Q.  How does a shoot go?

     A.  Some of our shoots can be long, but that's because we want the best quality.  Anyone can do an entire shoot in an hour or under, but that doesn't mean it's top notch.  We create a set around our model and try to get the best lighting and angle.  This takes time.  On top of that, sometimes we may need to make a pose on the fly, so that takes a little extra time.  Generally speaking our shoots can take anywhere from 1-4 hours.  If it's going to run more than that, we will break it up into more than one day so that we don't keep you from enjoying your SL.

     Q.  Do I have to have to have sex with the owners?

     A.  Not at all.  Some of our photos depict sex acts, but there is a professional environment.  If anything we will be goofing off during these times and making our models feel as comfortable as possible.  We do not EVER expect our models to have sex with us.  Business is business and we like to keep it that way.

     Q.  Who do I contact for questions and concerns I might have about SLBM?

     A.  Dark Lichlore is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of SLBM.  He is the main contact.  You can either leave him an IM or send him a notecard in-world with anything business related.  If you cannot contact him, then you can IM or leave a notecard with Luvi Unplugged-Lichlore.

     Q.  Who are the owners of SLBM?

     A.  TrinaCarlsson, owner of Serenity Lost CARP sim.  Dark Lichlore, owner and manager of Simple Pleasures Studio.  Luvi Unplugged-Lichlore, founder and CEO of Simple Pleasures Studio.

    Q.  Who else can I contact if I can't get in touch with any of the above?

     A.  We have a few staff members that help us out when we're busy or aren't online.
                  Inanna (lustey) - Head of Customer Service
                  Ms. A. Rae (raelangly.whitesong) - Customer Service
                  Nexi Villarin (nexi.criss) - Head of Public Relations
                  Alexander Villarin (alexandervillarin) - Head of Public Relations

     We'll add more as they arise, but these are the basics.

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