Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year...New Things!

     Well here we are finally.  I know it's been a long and slow road, but things are starting to move in our favor.  It's taken us a while to really get things organized, it's still in progress to some extent, but it's getting there.  

     We've grown substantially and we can't thank everyone enough for the support and love they've shown us.  We hope to continue on our present course of moving upwards and onwards.  One way we're hoping to do that is to do away with the fee that the previous owner had put on the main SL Bondage Models group.  That's right!  It's now free to join!  We struggled with it as many members were already grandfathered in and we tried to keep it fair, but at the same time, we didn't think it was fair to charge our models to work for US.  So, we have taken off the group fee.  

     With that being said, we'd like to let you guys know that our next issue will be coming out in February.  Yay, right?  Yep!  We won't reveal what all is going to be in it, as well, we like to surprise you and keep things interesting.  Let's just say it'll be full of our beautiful models, and well, who doesn't like beautiful models in bondage??

     We also wanted to take this opportunity to let people know that we will be looking for more photographers and writers to help improve the magazine.  We've done what we can, but with things growing and the support we've had, well we want to include the community.  We don't want to be the main subjects all the time, no matter how grand it might be.  *wink wink*  So soon we'll be putting together some job applications for writers, bloggers, photographers, etc.  We will also be looking to help get our models more recognition in trying to work with other studios and modeling agencies to get our lovelies (and studs, of course), more exposure.  NO.......well, yes, maybe that kind of exposure.  Take it as you will.  
     Recently we've had a lot of questions as far as sharing blogs, pictures, advertising, things of that nature in our group.  If you are in the SLBM Models and Casting Group, we don't mind one bit.  Our main group is for supporters and we try to keep the notices and such down to a minimum.  We love meeting people and having fun conversations, so don't feel that you can't use the main group to chat or whatever.  We have a couple basic rules for our groups though and these are non-negotiable.  
    1.  NO harrassment whatsoever. If there is an issue between yourself and another group member, take it to IM.  

    2.  NO using the groups as a hook up.  We've had a couple incidents of members thinking that they can take advantage of our models.  If you make a connection with someone, great!  But to use our group to try to get sex is unacceptable.  Our models are professional.  Yes we're kinky, yes we can get pervy, but that doesn't mean we encourage this type of behavior. 

     We will have many more exciting things coming up soon, which we announce as they get closer, so keep your eyes open for updates!  

Happy Kinking!!    


  1. welcome to the interwebbing of blogging my dearies<3

  2. Thanks! Hopefully we can keep up with the pro's.